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I’ve decided to group these three levels together because they share some contents in different complexity levels, meaning that several topics are treated in B1 to C1, increasing the difficulty, like “Ser and Estar” or the use of Present tense and Subjunctive for example. In any case, every single level has its own specific training material according to the contents present in the test.

According to the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), B1 is the survival level if the student goes to a country where the language is spoken, being able to talk about their own experiences, wishes and goals. He / She is able to justify their own opinions as well.

A B2 student has an upper – intermediate level, where is able to communicate with natives in a natural way without an effort, is also able to handle concrete and abstract topics if they are inside his / her area. A C1 student is able to produce clear and structured texts with a certain level of complexity, has a flexible and effective use of the language in different contexts like social or professional. 

Being a C1 student means also to understand implicit meanings in a message, being capable of creating detailed and clear texts with a certain level of complexity. The student can express himself in a natural way. We will review specific material regarding the four tests: listening, reading, writing and speaking so that you feel 100% confident for the test.

Student Testimonials

Caro has taken me from knowing very zero Spanish to being able to converse with confidence using the Spanish language. Her teaching style is very warm and friendly which allowed me to have the confidence to learn.

Caro was born to teach. I have been studying language with her 2 years. I went from a student who could barely understand the language, to one who can have an in-depth conversation. She is not only a wonderful teacher, but has become a dear friend.

An amazing teacher, competent and very patient! I look forward to every lesson with her and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody looking to learn the beautiful Spanish language.

Caro is an amazing teacher! She is highly professional, very knowledgeable and warm! Through her supportive attitude, she transmits her genuine enthusiasm for helping students. The learning atmosphere is truly enjoyable!

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