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I have experience teaching Spanish to children from three to sixteen years old, which is a very rewarding activity, because kids are literally a sponge when they about learning languages especially Spanish. However, it is very important teaching them at their own pace and respecting the development steps according to the age. Key aspects results the “Silent period” which means at the beginning, children are listening to the new language and getting used to it, so teachers and parents shouldn’t expect an immediate answers or sentence’s in the language but that does’t mean they are not learning! On the contrary, this is an absolutely normal phase when the teacher should repeat concepts and of course doing fun activities so that we keep alive the interest of the child on the subject. 

It is also important using with them the “Total Physical Response” strategy, which means teaching concepts by using physical movements. It works because it mimics the way children learn their first language, reducing stress and inhibitions.

Laugh and having fun has a key role in my lessons, and there’s an explanation for that: when we’re under stress, the learning process process is being blocked and the student can learn a very low amount compared to normal conditions.

Children Aged 3-6

Their memory works mechanically and they think logically they don’t have abstract thinking yet, so that means all the activities should be regarding concrete objects and situations, focused on the names of the things and grammar shouldn’t be taught . Repetition has a key role because kids learn quickly but also, they forget at the same speed. Songs, funny stories, games, colouring, drawing, cutting and glueing are the main activities in my lessons, but the most important thing is a big dose of laugh, of course!

In this age, silent period is extremely important because they’re developing listening skills. Children can be very emotional and intense, so It is also important reassuring them, that’s why all the process must be kind, caring and gentle so that they feel at home and safe.

Children Aged 6-9

It is important to know that in this phase, children haven’t finished learning their mother tongue, so Silent period is expected to happen. They need to listen over and over the language before they feel ready to speak it. It is important to remember that stress must never be a part of the learning process. In this period, children are still very sensitive to criticism.

Their attention span is still very short, so I always prepare several activities to do with them. Children in this age can learn easily bits of language and they understand context. Curiosity and exploring the world have a key role for them as they learn by doing, so I often use arts and crafts with them. Word-copy exercises work too, especially with the youngest ones. 

Children Aged 9-12

During this phase, children have a longer concentration spam and their memory works really well when it’s about listen and repeat. In this stage, grammar can be introduced in small chunks, so I always do it in a fun way through songs, games and engaging activities according to their age so that they keep motivated.

They start to show some personal interests that I always try to include in the lessons.

Even when they are becoming more independent, their sensibility is also very important, so I always respect their moods and needs.

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Student Testimonials

Caro has taken me from knowing very zero Spanish to being able to converse with confidence using the Spanish language. Her teaching style is very warm and friendly which allowed me to have the confidence to learn.

Caro was born to teach. I have been studying language with her 2 years. I went from a student who could barely understand the language, to one who can have an in-depth conversation. She is not only a wonderful teacher, but has become a dear friend.

An amazing teacher, competent and very patient! I look forward to every lesson with her and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody looking to learn the beautiful Spanish language.

Caro is an amazing teacher! She is highly professional, very knowledgeable and warm! Through her supportive attitude, she transmits her genuine enthusiasm for helping students. The learning atmosphere is truly enjoyable!

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